Following successful completion of the certification examination, the certificate is required to maintain certification by fulfilling continuing education (CE) requirements, which are reviewed and established annually by AMIHMCC. The current requirements include obtaining and maintaining documentation of 30 CE hours over the 2-year recertification cycle and payment of a recertification fee. All CE must relate to areas covered in the most current examination content outline. Current employment in the healthcare management field is not required to maintain active certification status. The process for obtaining recertification is described on the website at

Recertification Cycle

Each recertification cycle is 2 years in length, beginning January 1 of the year following completion of the certification examination or prior to the recertification cycle. The cycle ends December 31 of the second year, and your recertification application is due on that day. If you do not recertify by the deadline, you can recertify by January 31 of the following year with a late fee. During each 2-year cycle, 30 CE hours are required.

The recertification application is only available online at .

Each certificant will receive a certificate and recognition letter approximately 6–8 weeks after completing the recertification requirements. If you do not receive your certificate, contact within 3 months of application submission.

Recertification Fees*

“Early Bird” Before Sep. 30 Oct. 1– Dec. 31 Grace Period: Jan. 1–31
AMIHM Member $100 $150 $200
Nonmember $200 $250 $300

Application Audits

Each year the AMIHMCC randomly selects 5% of applications to be audited. If your application is selected for audit, you will be requested to send the documentation for all listed CE activities within 14 days of notice of your audit. Be prepared to submit a photocopy of each of your CE certificates and written documentation of other activities (e.g., a journal’s table of contents showing you as author of an article, school transcript, etc.). If a CE program you attended does not meet the definition of an approved program, submit a copy of the behavioral objectives and an outline of the content (e.g., a program brochure) in addition to a copy of the CE certificate. If we do not receive your documentation by the stipulated deadline or if your documentation does not support 30 hours of continuing education, your certification will lapse and you must cease using the credential. In order to regain your certification after this date, you will be required to pay and sit for the certification examination again. Recertification fees are nonrefundable, even if you fail the audit process.

Application Refusal

Applications may be refused, candidates may be barred from future examinations, or candidates or individuals already certified may be sanctioned, including revocation of the certified designation, for the following reasons:

  • Attesting to false information on the application, on re-certification documents, or during the random audit procedure
  • Unauthorized possession or distribution of any official testing or examination materials
  • representing oneself falsely.

Credential Revocation

If you do not recertify by your expiration date, your certification will be revoked for failure to comply with recertification requirements. Individuals whose credentials have been revoked may not use the certified credential when representing themselves. AMIHMCC does not approve any appeals for missed deadlines. You will be required to sit for the examination to begin using the credential the credential again.